Tricia Reust has a demonstration DVD for sale. Click here to purchase.

In addition on the 5th of August, Tricia Reust appeared on The Colour in Your Life Television series (Season 2).

The Colour in Your Life TV Series can be seen on 4ME (channel 74) Sundays at 7pm, and now on Foxtel’s Aurora Channel (183) Friday nights at 7pm!

Visit their website and go to their online Shop for more informantion and to purchase DVDs of the series.

Interesting Reading: “Incite : Stories – The Best of Mixed Media”, published by Northlight Art Books (F&W Media).

Tricia Reust has been selected as one of the finalists in the 2015 Bald Archy’s. Her work, entitled ‘Banishment from the Garden of APIN’ (Bronwyn Bishop) 

2015 Bald Archy Finalist

Banishment from the Garden of APIN

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