Portrait from life in Bundaberg

Last weekend I delivered a pastel portrait workshop in Bundaberg – once again a great group of people who were receptive to the theory and open to experimenting with using pastel and water. Hopefully they were all proud of their works, both the black and white study and the pastel portrait, as the standard was pretty high.

Part of the workshop included a two hour demonstration of a pastel portrait from life, so that I could demonstrate the beginning and establishing the shapes with water. The model was great and quite professional in her attitude. One of the participants took photographs throughout the progression of the portrait and consented to my using them in a blog.

This was the set up, in front of the workshop participants.
Placing the basic shapes with soft pastel
Beginning to push the pastel in with water
Adding dry pastel in to the wet
Looking for more shapes and adding with dry pastel
Starting to define the features with a terracotta pastel pencil
Placing these details with darker pastel pencils
Glazing with a green soft pastel
Correcting shapes and the edges in the portrait after placing it upside down. This aspect allows a fresh perspective and makes errors more apparent.
Almost there
Completed portrait