I was excited to be asked to contribute to this exhibition after someone pulled out a bit late – I have so much work hanging around that it was no problem really, to keep some works out specifically for it, and also, to create some new work. It was a bit hectic sandwiching it in between the close of the Master Pastellist Exhibition 2017 and the Inspirational Connections Exhibition which opens the end of November – but hey!

The other three artists are all good friends of mine and we have known each other for yonks – the idea of each of us spring-boarding off in our own individual direction from a central image of the one palette was enough to tie us together for this exhibition. It runs through to the 3rd of December.

This is a great chance for me to put on show again a work I created for the last 15 Artists I was in :

Rock and a Hard Place

One of the new works is a smaller ink drawing on collaged paper, with a poem :

Harsh Heat

Whose dreams evaporated?

Harsh heat


Too late the mulching.

Decayed debris



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