What a great weekend I just had with a wonderful group of artists exploring mixed media techniques.

We produced a couple of small canvases looking at placing geometric collage pieces on one, and textured collage on the other, and completed landscapes on them, but worked on a large canvas over the weekend. Using a strong design base with collage; printing, stamping and stencilling; acrylic washes and glazing; the use of texture; so many techniques to explore!

We worked in the Art Plus (art supply store) workshop area – really comfortable, and Marlies and Phil are extremely welcoming. A bonus having art supplies on hand to purchase when we ran out!

Here is my finished larger canvas:

Scrub Morning

I placed both heavy and light collage elements, and I used a motif from the collaged napkin, for my printing plate image. The gum leaves were stencilled, and then as each acrylic wash and then glaze was applied, the leaf shapes were wiped out, in order to keep their light tone. The trees were drawn in with charcoal. A pen drawing on tissue paper was also collaged in – final highlights and details were added with Atelier Free Flow acrylic and a liner brush.


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