Tricia accepts commissions for all types of artwork, from small drawings to large wall murals. She can work from a client’s reference material, but prefers to use her own if possible.

All work is created using Artist’s Quality Materials, and Tricia can work in most mediums.

The costs with commissions vary according to the detail, medium and size, and increase with each additional subject e.g., $100 to add a portrait subject to a charcoal or pastel portrait quarter sheet size.

Start up costs, for works on colour-fix paper –

Quarter sheet size drawing in charcoal and/or conte $200
Quarter sheet size pastel – one subject, head and shoulders $250

Start up costs, for mixed media works on watercolour paper –

Quarter sheet size $350

Painted acrylic/mixed media on canvas (unframed) –

Beginning size 12 by 16 inches $350

Painted oil works on canvas –

Beginning size 12 by 16 inches $400

Payment is not made until the client is satisfied with the commission, after which the work belongs to the client. Copyright however, remains with the artist. With larger commissions involving significant materials, a deposit may be required.

Thank you for your interest in Tricia’s work.