I presented the demonstration last Tuesday evening at the Pastel Society of Australia’s Brisbane evening, on how I use pastel wet.

I had on show two works which had pastel wet with water as an underpainting

New Brother


For the first demo, I used white AS Colourfix paper (well, I would have if I had had some in my studio – for this I used an old work on Colourfix paper, put some white free Flow in with some AS clear pastel primer and covered the old work with that, to create an almost white surface). I used dark AS Flinders Red Violet and pushed it around with water and a bristle brush, and worked more pastel in to this whiel it was still wet. Then I used some yellow white at the focal point and violet white elsewhere, and finally some pastel pencil for fine lines.

Wet pastel on paper(demo progression as yet not completed).

In the second demo, on a large piece of collaged AS Colourfix paper, which had been covered with AS clear pastel primer when the collage had dried,I placed a layer of dark pastel to establish the landscape composition, and brushed this in with water. Then I added in white pastel. Attendants asked me to show how I place grass in filtered light on the foreground piece of collage, and I did this with soft pastel establishing the filtered light areas and then pastel pencil.

Landscape over collage (demo progression as yet not completed).

For the third demo I used a piece of acrylic paper which had been covered and textured with gesso (using a comb); then acrylic ink and a water mister; then a layer of AS clear pastel primer. I applied green pastel with water to show the background shrubbery, and pastel pencils to establish the swans. Then I used the sides of various blue pastels over the texture to place water ripples.

Pastel over ink on acrylic paper (demo progression as yet not completed).

For the final demonstration, I used a work on AS Colourfix paper which had been collaged with bark and lace fabric; then had wet pastel applied; then finally prepared with a layer of AS clear pastel primer over the whole lot. I placed soft pastel on the sky to establish the cloud movement, then earth tones on the mountain and green tones on the foreground shrubbery.

“Tibrogargen” (completed).

I will be covering some of these techniques in the workshop I am offering at the Sept Pastel EXPO on the Sunshine Coast


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