Friday 14th April 2017 – paintings submission from B

By   April 14, 2017

Hi Tricia,
B here from Crows Nest. Firstly thank you for the workshops. Sorry I missed the February  one but I have finished the  two from Esk. Took a while but I am happy.
I did not know how to post them  so I sent them in email.
Thank you for pushing my creative boundaries.  Looking forward to another  workshop.

Dear B,

it was great to meet you at the workshop and thank you so much for sharing your completed works. The Bruce Springsteen one contains lots of stories adding to the total message, and the second work is a wonderful example of the glad wrap technique that we were exploring. I appreciate you taking the time to send your work in – and I hope you find lots of time to continue your art making and that you continue to use the various techniques. Thank you for your kind words too!





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