Friday 18th August – submission from A

By   August 25, 2017

Hi Tricia,

Still doing my mixed media. Any suggestions to improve this one? Made classic mistake of placing her in the middle but too late now.

Warm regards


Dear A,

thanks for sending this along and good on you for continuing on with the mixed media techniques.

I think you can achieve a more pleasing effect with this work if you soften some of the edges; with the white shapes, perhaps you could dry brush the edges with some pale blue or soft mauve.

I would like to see a darker base – perhaps a glaze or two of Dioxazine Purple and clear painting medium – not too dark all at once – just to achieve a gradual darkening as the eye travels towards the base of the painting – take this glaze up both sides (no more than halfway) to lessen the tonal edge of the shape and background colour on these left and right sides of the canvas.

This softening of the edges of the whites and the gradual toning of the background, will add to the mystery of the figure and story in the painting.

Lastly, I like how you have separated the main purple colour of the entire work into pink and blue, as well as the other ranges of purple. Perhaps just add some more blue through dry brushing some texture – this will add more excitement to the piece.

Thanks for thinking of me!





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