Monday 15th May – photo submission from R

By   May 23, 2017

Hi Tricia

Hope you are well…you are certainly keeping busy and still full of energy and helping people paint!

I have been a bit hectic this year so far too… but have looked at all your posts on your Blog – they are all really great!  So diverse too.

Here are my Egret done in Bundaberg in your drawing worshop – full photo and close up.


All the best in all you do Tricia




  1. Not sure how big a file you want for adding to your blog piece.  Let me know if you prefer the larger size or the smaller file?  Hope these are useful to you …and thanks again for all your help with the workshops I have attended.  I am trying different things now all the time.

PPS.  The last few images is of an experimentation with the Grisaille technique …in acrylics ….plus some mixed media additions – like the textured background and the butterfly stamping!  (can’t help myself!!)  I called it ‘The Golden Lily and her Entourage’ …hope you like it.

Dear R,

it is heartening to receive your contacts, and see how a workshop can influence and inspire  – thank you again for your kind words.

Your egret looks right at home in that environment, with the insects buzzing around and the peaceful acceptance of being still, in the right place in the world.

Your golden lily glows – how wonderful is glazing! It is one of my favourite techniques – you have done a splendid job.

Thank you for taking the time to write – I deeply appreciate it,


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