Monday 26th June 2017 – “The Drawing Room” Caboolture Gallery

By   July 15, 2017

I spent time at the Caboolture Art Gallery today, drawing from a bonsai tree placed in the gallery. The installation was in conjunction with a Brett Whitley exhibition, which includes his works on bonsai trees, and local artists were invited to be in residence at various times to interact with visitors while drawing.

Visitors were welcome to come in and watch, or participate as well, drawing with the supplied materials on paper.

Their results were pinned up on the wall and will remain there through the time of the exhibition.

I loved the time there – met some great people, and found it heartening how many young people were absorbed in the experience of drawing from life.

I took various prepared papers, as well as a block of prestretched watercolour paper. I ended up doing one charcoal and white pastel work on paper, which I wet first with large charcoal shapes and water; and then my second drawing I did on the watercolour paper in ink, drawing with water and a brush.

The charcoal bonsai

The ink bonsai


The colour in these photos has been affected by the very low lighting in the gallery, which was set to create an environment to protect the bonsai tree. Various trees were placed during the exhibition on successive days, so that no one tree would be adversly affected by being indoors for so long – they were lent to the gallery by a local gardening group.

I presented both my drawings as gifts to the gallery, as there is a plan afoot to use all the drawings some time in the future!

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