Monday 29th May 2017 – using white Atelier Free Flow

By   May 28, 2017

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When I need a good strong opaque white acrylic I use Atelier Free Flow. It is beautifully opaque – the best one I have found.

Previous to discovering it, I used to use my regular white acrylic, but because I had to increase the fluidity of the paint straight from the tube by adding clear painting medium, (in order to create fluid lyrical marks) this caused the paint to become slightly transparent, which necessitated going over my marks another couple of times where I wanted the white to be more opaque – this was unsatisfactory as sometimes the marks then lost their spontaneity.

I use the white Free Flow to finish off drawings on canvas, and for highlights, with a liner brush; and for picking up texture by drybrushing with a palette knife, though I have to be careful with this technique as the Free Flow acrylic paint is quite fluid – I usually use “dry” paint straight from the tube for drybrushing. Using wetter paint can result in blobs of paint, and losing control with this technique, but if you are careful with the Free Flow, it drybrushed quite well exactly because of its being so opaque. One swipe and it sits beautifully on top of the texture.

“For William” – in this work the liner brush is used for the fine lines on the dolphins and the spattered marks, and the palette knife for the larger white marks.

“Chook Run 2” – here the white Free Flow was perfect with the liner brush for finishing off the white feathers in the charcoal drawings of the chooks.

“Bird Song” – just a tiny bit of white Free Flow needed here to place a highlight on the magpie – this highlight is placed right next to the black, in order to create a strong tonal contrast to bring the viewer’s attention to the bird – the focal point of the work.

“Soar” – white Free Flow used again only to emphasis a tonal contrast and bring the focus on to the soaring bird drawn in charcoal over the mixed media background painting.

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  1. Ruth M

    Fabulous to see – will try the one swipe method only, with that Free Flow. I guess maintaining the momentum of the fresh spontaneous mark is paramount – mine are a little spattery at present – working on them! And thanks heaps for your invaluable tips – always generous to us!

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