It is always a sad thing to take down an exhibition.Tomorrow my friends and I are taking down the 4 Palettes Exhibition. After all the work and preparation it is finally over. Such a contrast in feelings from when we are gathering to take down a show, to when we are excitedly putting it up! The best part of this exhibition has been seeing our work all together.

Another exhibition though, is being organised the same day as we are taking ours down, and as a member of the Redcliffe Art Society I have a work in it too. The members have been asked to produce monotone work. Here is my entry, “Ink Moves”.

I washed ink into the watercolour paper with a hake brush, and then completed the work by drawing with ink. There are some white touches with Atelier Free Flow acrylic.

In this detail photograph, you can see the drawn ink lines. This is one of my favourite places on the Redcliffe Peninsula, Scotts Point. It has lots of comfortable areas to hole up for a while and draw.


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