The Grand View Hotel Gallery in Cleveland is proving to be a great venue to hold my 12th solo exhibition. I have over 65 works on show, and it is always amazing to see the work all together – such a different perspective to seeing them stored at home, stacked against walls and huddled together.

The charming rooms in the gallery of this heritage-listed building hold antiques and interesting items, and visitors can see my work in a home-like setting, which I think lends more of a connection.

I feel so honoured to have had my friend Jim Tunstall officially open the exhibition for me – and appreciate the research and effort he expended in writing his speech. He was very kind!

Some of the new works on show, apart from the pastels I wrote about in an earlier blog, include:

Waterlily Memory

This is a large acrylic painting, being a new work created over an old painting. I loved exploring the differing blues through glazing, and drybrushing over the texture of the old work.

Seasonal Change

This work includes drawings as elements of the collage, particularly a pencil portrait drawing and a charcoal life drawing.





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