I often reuse canvases and papers which have older works and have passed their use-by date. Sometimes, though, in reassessing the works, I find that I may only need to make an alteration or addition to find that I like the work all over again. So – that older work is saved from complete obliteration!
My family members refuse to let me have older art works back from them though, when I just want to fiddle with them a bit in order to make then better (according to me!) because they say the work will come back to them completely different. Oh well.
Recently I was unframing a work because I had plans to use the frame for another piece, but decided upon discovering it again, that it only needed a fresh application of white paint using a palette knife, to wake it up and make it presentable.
Ink Moves 2

Ink Moves 2 detail a

Ink Moves 2 detail b

A larger canvas which I painted after returning from a trip to Florence was an expression of my distaste on witnessing the tourist trade in crude magnets, aprons, underpants and so on, using Michaelangelo’s “David”. I began covering my older painting with gesso, and discovered that the work only needed to have some of the areas not so cluttered, to make the message even more emphasised. So I did that, placed some fresh washes on it, played up the geometric shapes, and am happy to have it on my wall again!
Euro Fever 2

This painting used to have quite a busy upper right hand corner, but now has a more clean and direct message.
Don’t be afraid to revisit older works !


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