Saturday 23rd July Red/tissue based works

By   August 15, 2017

It is fun to texture over an old canvas work, and make a bright new painting.      

Copyright Tricia Reust

You can either cover an old acrylic work with gesso and wait for that to dry, or cover the old painting as it is. Place tissue paper over the surface with binder medium. When that is dry, cover this with bright red acrylic paint.


When dry, paint your design in lines with black paint.

Dry brush bright colours to finish off your work, making sure you do not eradicate all of the under-colour as you work. This bright under-colour holds the design together.

Use the liner brush to sign your name.

When dry, seal with a fine art varnish spray. Here follow some examples (double left click to enlarge):

“Billy” 20 by 30 inch canvas

“Pelican” a six by six inch small canvas

“Fruit Lines” a 10 by 12 inch canvas

“Sunflower’ a 5 by 7 inch small canvas

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