Saturday 25th March 2017 painting submission from J (Bundaberg)

By   April 3, 2017

23rd March 2017

Hi Tricia…love your workshops and have been continuing to play…I like this one over all…I would like to get more into the bird…but I don’t know what more? maybe movement or realism…I think I end up with cute … which is ok. Yet I want more…welcome your feedback 😁

Dear J,

really good to hear from you! Thanks for your kind words.

I think I understand what is troubling you about the egret – it looks too white against the background and that makes it not fit into the picture – it needs to look more like it belongs to the background.

This happens sometimes when we are concentrating on reproducing an image from a photograph – our brain clicks into “copying” mode and shuts out all the other things we should be considering.

* try putting some of the same blue that is already in the background, into the shadowing of the egret. At the moment, they are grey, and the white and grey are sitting on the surface of the painting and not belonging to the rest of it.

* glaze some red gold on the areas around the egret that are presently an orangey-brown. This will help heighten the egret, because you will then have a more intense contrast of blue’s complementary (orange) around your focus.

Fabulous to hear that you are continuing with your mixed media journey!

Please write again if you wish,

kind regards,


Hi Tricia…thank you. Yes I can see exactly what you are saying there thank you so much…I will do that… Getting warmer😁 I tried allsorts…Inktense pencils. Charcoal dribbles…

25th march 2017
So I looked and looked and looked…then realised all that shading. Although I liked it was still not enough…I got the red gold glaze and just added a few touches to the bird…and now it’s starting to really work for me…

Thanks…I have learnt so much…I never used to touch colour…I only ever did pencil or pen and ink with an occasional ink wash…because I couldn’t get the hang of colour…your workshops really have brought colour to my life and I’m having so much fun.

Dear J

I agree – I think you have pushed yourself to a true understanding of how a subject has to be connected to the rest of the painting.

Congratulations J, and thankyou for sharing, and for your kind words of encouragement, it really means a lot, especially today



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