Saturday 27th May 2017 – First workshop Art in Action

By   May 26, 2017

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Despite the weather bring totally uncooperative, the participants managed to complete amazing works. This three day event has been running for around twenty years and is hosted by the Combined Art Societies of Sydney. This was my third year teaching with them and I love the experience, including driving down from Redcliffe (just north of Brisbane) on the Thursday and driving back home though the Sunday night/early Monday morning.

This year, on the first day, my group looked at landscape theory and placing landscape elements in a lyrical composition, with an underlying story through collage.

Kurrajong, a beautiful mountainous area, proved wet this first day so many hair dryers and heaters were put into use, to encourage the initial acrylic ash to dry, so we could then get on with the glazing and drawing to bring the landscape to a finish. Bell birds serenaded us the entire time, so provided a soothing back drop.

This is my demonstration piece, using an old canvas with the older work having been covered with white gesso in preparation. I had suggested that this would be a great chance to re-use old canvases and many of the participants brought such canvases along and so had intriguing texture underneath their works. Being a one day workshop there was no opportunity for any techniques requiring time or overnight setting and drying to be explored.

detail of music collaged in to the work


First was laid down a collage; then an acrylic wash; followed by arge and small shape glazing; drawing with various dry drawing media; and lastly dry brushing and finishing off, including spray varnishing.

detail of charcoal drybrushed over texture


Because my workshop room remained open, I was able to work by myself late into the night on the first evening to continue on with the demonstration piece.

lyrical landscape workshop 1

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  1. Ruth M

    This completed work is absorbing to look at …… you are special, to work so late and produce such a work ….and be up to teach a full day the next! Wonder Woman for sure. I am exhausted after concentrating on the last bit of detail, but it is exhilerating too – so that probably keeps you going Tricia! Loved seeing what you did on this trip away – thank you.

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