Still Life objects fit into a collaged design layout really well. Beginning with a strong design is essential, and I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to begin with a strong design, as this holds the work together, throughout the following layers.

Sun Ripened

The pieces of fruit sit on collage elements including material (calling to mind a tablecloth?) and textured geometric shapes add their strength to the story.

In Shadow

This vase actually has a blue and white pattern, but I drew it as a one-toned dark shape in order to make it more imposing, and in shadow, to lend some drama.

The process is to firstly place the collage, then the colour, and then the drawing.




Moody Blue. This is a drawing of one of my favourite jars. I reuse old canvases (sand the surface of the old painting and then gesso it) as I love the texture from the older work.




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