Sunday 16th July 2017 – McGregor Winter School

By   July 18, 2017

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There is something wonderful about being away for five days straight, creating and talking art.

No cooking – no washing – no distractions.

Being with people eager to soak up everything I could offer – fabulous!

My painting donated for the raffle (a special year celebrating thirty years of McGregor Winter School) was even won by one of the participants in my class, which was an extra bonus. This group even gave me a gift at the end of our workshop – they were a generous group.

“Just a Rustle” donated for McGregor fundraising towards bursaries

A TV crew came around and they salivated at how messy our room looked – it ended up on the news in all its sprawled glory – along with some of my group featured – TV stars! (see my Facebook page for the coverage).

We covered many mixed media techniques, including photo transfer:

photo transfer exercise demo

We included drawings in with collage materials:

Drawing of pot from my visual diary, and ink drawing of lily on tissue paper, added in with the collage for this demo piece

We covered drawing on canvas:

My demo of drawing the maggie with charcoal on to the canvas.

Again it was heartening as a teacher to see the different personalities emerge in their creations, using the same techniques. With the final large canvas, the participants were set the goal of composing their own work, after selecting which particular techniques, colour combinations and texture applications covered in the preceding days took their fancy.

Here follows the progression photos of the larger demonstration piece I did for this course:

Collage elements in place

Other techniques and the first acrylic wash

detail of the leaf printing

Beginning the layers of glazing

Beginning to draw with charcoal – this work is unfinished.

Our final critique session showed off the wonderful works of the participants and I am sure they will continue to use some of the processes from the course in their own continued art journey.

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