Sunday 28th May 2017 – progression of a pastel work over texture

By   May 28, 2017

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I am often moved to wonder about the history of abandoned buildings when I come across them, particularly in the outback, and on large rural properties. I have a zillion photographs (well, maybe not quite a zillion) and will never get to pursue the ideas I have on each one, about visually portraying the interest these ruins bring, in thinking about the families who built them and lived their lives in them.

“Memory Door” is taken from an area around Cassilis, NSW. When I was on my road trips I stayed with friends in the area and had time to scout around a bit – it’s beautiful country. And still is peopled with generous and friendly hard working Australians.

Photo 1. Art Spectrum Clear Original Pastel Primer applied over an old pastel mixed media work.

Photo 2. While this is still wet, pastel is applied to areas where undesired marks remain from the previous work, and this new pastel layer is worked into the primer.

Photo 3. The resulting surface is a lovely greyed and textured underpainting for the coming landscape.

Photo 4. Detail of the initial collage element showing through, and utilisation of the texture.

Photo 5. The completed work “Memory Door” 68w by 48h cms Pastel over Collage on AS Colourfix paper.

This has just won an award in the Redcliffe Art Society Exhibition of Excellence, on at the Redcliffe City Art Gallery through May.

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  1. Ruth M

    Very well done and definately worthy Winner. Like your words and stories behind the painting too, very much.

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