Sunday 30th July Black texture based canvas

By   August 15, 2017

Reuse old canvases with this method, to create a new work – similar to the red tissue base in my last blog, but this time with black paint and impasto gel medium.

Copyright Tricia Reust

You can create this base in either of two ways, over your old painting.

(a) paint the canvas black. When dry, cover the surface with a layer of impasto gel medium , and use a comb or other texture tool to create lines and shapes in the gel – allow to dry. The gel will dry clear.

(b) Mix impasto gel medium into a small quantity of black acrylic paint (enough to cover the surface of your canvas); place this as a layer on your canvas, and texture it with combs or other texture tools. Allow to dry. The mixture will dry a clear black.

Dry brush your composition over this surface, being careful not to allow the paint to sink into the depressions between the black lines – the purpose is to only catch the paint on the tips of the textured lines.

This is a great technique which gives a feeling of etching, or wood cut. Here follow some examples – (double left click on image to enlarge):

“Chook” a 5 by 7 small canvas

“Flower” a 6 by 6 inch small canvas


“Sunflower 1” a 6 by 6 inch small canvas

“Sunflower 2” a 6 by 6 inch small canvas


These smaller canvases make great gifts – I hope you enjoy the technique!

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