Sunday 6th August – Black texture base for pastel

By   August 15, 2017

A wonderful way to introduce texture in to pastel art work, is to firstly create a black textured base on the paper with Art Spectrum black pastel primer.

Apart from using this technique solely as an exciting method, this technique is also a great way to reuse the paper of an older work, or unsuccessful one. The paper must be sturdy though, in order to take the weight and moisture of the primer. You can brush off the old pastel, or paint the primer straight over it.

Copyright Tricia Reust

Cover the paper with a layer of Art Spectrum black pastel primer. If you want a fairly uneven surface, use a palette knife – for a more even surface use an old bristle brush. While this is still wet, use a comb or other texture tool to create lines and shapes in this layer of primer.

For a clean black finish, use black paper – I use Art Spectrum Colourfix paper. Allow to dry.

When creating your painting on this surface, use bright pastels, as pale and chalky colours do not work well with this technique. Be careful not to smooth or rub the colour – it needs to stay fresh and clean, and the idea is to keep the recessed lines in between the higher texture lines, black and showing through the design.

Use your pastels flat and on the side, so the colour brushes only the tops of the texture lines.

Some examples of this technique (double left click on the image to enlarge):


“Flying” 8 by 12 inches

“Supper Search” 42 by 60 cms

“The Moon’s Attraction” 40 by 58 cms

“Afternoon tea” 24 by 32 cms

“Air and Land Lines” 24 by 36 cms

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