Thursday 1st June – using geckos in mixed media

By   June 1, 2017

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I find the effect of geckos perfect for certain of my concepts in mixed media. As I mentioned in the blog regarding using snake skin, because of the total covering of the collage element with the binder medium (I use Atelier brand) there is no concern with further degradation of the collage material. Of course, the geckos are already deceased, and dried out – found behind curtains or furniture etc.

They are often gratefullyl received gifts from friends who know I use them!

It is essential to place the binder medium underneath the gecko on the surface of the canvas (or other surface), and if the element is too large for just the binder medium, then use some Atelier gel medium as well, as it dries clear and will hold larger and heavier collage elements. Once adhered with the gel, place a layer of binder over the top, smoothing out with a brush, to level out the surface texture.


Canvas with the collage applied

The gecko applied with binder medium and gel medium, ensuring it is completely covered.

A detail photo showing texture marks, adding to the environment enabling the gecko to fit into the work.

The initial wash of acrylic paint, and some stencil application, with an ink drawing on white tissue paper applied right beside the gecko.

The completed work “Round and Round”.

These types of collage elements can also be applied on cartridge paper, as long as care is taken to not wet the paper too much. In this work “At Kathy’s in Nanango”, the gecko adds to the elements of the environment in which the charcoal-drawn frogmouth owl, feels at home.

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  1. Ruth M

    Working through your latest weekly topics and this one is Tops! So much to see in the finished Work. Glorious – wish I could feel the texture too – but I can imagine it quite well! You are whetting my apetite to begin a piece for myself – Thanks again for your inspirational hard work Tricia. (I will show and tell in near future!).

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