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By   March 8, 2017

submission from P

Hi Tricia,

We had our AGM last night and your thank you email was read out as part of the correspondence.  I also had the opportunity to present the collation of the feedback sheets from your workshop (Crows Nest).  It seems that your efforts to give knowledge, inspiration and support to the attendees did not go unnoticed and everybody said they would attend your workshop again in the future.

Can you give me an opinion on the attached image.  Just working on the foreground and I think I may take out some of the rocks as my focus was the light on the path from the top right and as I put in the detail of the rocks at the bottom I lost some of the impact I had achieved.



Dear P,

Thank you for sending this along – the colours and the impression of light are wonderful.

I wouldn’t take out any of the rocks as they are what gives the sense of distance by establishing a strong foreground, and lead the viewer so convincingly into the landscape.

I think what is disturbing you is the steep downward slope to the bottom left, taking the viewer out of the scene. I would suggest that you create a triangular shaped shadow in the bottom left hand corner, to cut off this “slippery dip” out of the picture,  and extend the shadow on the left hand side of the middle field, to come up a little higher and to have a more horizontal feel – this would also lessen the slope down to bottom left.

Great use of pastel – congratulations. Thank you again for your willingness to share, and your dedication to your art, and for the feedback about the workshop – very much appreciated


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