I have just completed a triptych commission for a College, and here follows the progression. After the

initial discussion, I drew up a rough coloured pencil drawing to basically outline the composition, including all the desired text and elements to reflect the College ethos and what the community wanted to have included in the work.

Double left click to enlarge any image. The photos aren’t too good – I had to stand on a chair and hold the camera up in the air over the three canvases and hope for the best! I never remembered to take a photo when the work was dry in between the times I could work on it – so had to leave the wet canvases flat each time I took a photo. I know I should be more organised with my time but hey – life intrudes.

triptych 1 laying out basic composition.

triptych 2 beginning to add text.

triptych 3 detail showing text and texture

triptych 4 finishing of the washes.

triptych 5 detail showing the stencilling and textured areas.

triptych 6 beginning the waterfall.

triptych 7 beginning the flowing water on foreground rocks.

triptych 8a underpainting on texture – you can see the yellow underpainting on the tips of the leaves and the blossom areas of the textured leaves.

triptych 8b beginning the larger area glazing. I have roughly eight layers of glazes placed so far (the acrylic is glazed so as to gradually build up the colour but not obliterate the text and collage)

This is the completed triptych, showing the final bird and charcoal line figures, and symbolic triangle images – the photo is a good one because I had it professionally done! My photographer is Stan Bowles.

Copyright © Tricia Reust


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