Tuesday 20th June 2017 Underpainting for Pastel

By   June 20, 2017

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Although I underpaint surfaces for my pastels regularly with acrylic paints, and through using water with pastel, I often like reusing old pastel works, in order to create a new surface. I also have been having fun lately experimenting with the new Art Spectrum smooth paper and primer.

This is a textured underpainting on AS Colour fix original paper which had blue pastel, pushed in with AS original black pastel primer along the bottom and clear original primer along the top, and textured with a comb.

Here is AS Colourfix smooth paper and smooth pastel primer, with purple pastel on the top, then light blue, and a dark yellow ochre with a pinker purple pastel along the bottom, and using differently sized combs to bring in the texture.

This one has been unified though an underpainting (on this surface which had been created on Colourfix original paper using Atelier modelling compound through stencils and through texturing with combs) by using AS purple ink over the top of this whole textured surface.

Over an old acrylic work on 300 gsm watercolour paper, I applied pastel and AS clear smooth primer with a sponge to create a new smooth surface for a pastel work, which I thought was a great new smooth surface for a portrait. Even though you can still see elements of the original landscape, (the tractor, some outbuildings etc.), I think they are great marks for the background so I am happy to have them remain.

Starting to apply the soft pastel.

“Bright Future”

This is an old pastel work on Colourfix original paper, over which I applied AS clear smooth pastel primer with a sponge, using soft pastel mixed in with the primer in some areas as well.

Over an old pastel portrait on Colourfix original paper I applied AS clear original primer with a brush.

All three of these last papers now have slightly differing smooth to sandy surfaces ready for a new pastel work, the differing surfaces achieved through using the different papers, different primers and either a brush or a sponge.

This black textured surface on AS Colourfix original paper has been created with the last AS black original pastel primer application being used with water, in order to thin the pastel layers (because of the many other pastel works already under this new surface,) and then textured while still wet, with different sized combs. The application of soft pastel works best on this black surface if using quite bright colour. I used this prepared paper for a demonstration for the Gold Coast group of the Pastel Society of Australia, on 3rd June. “Suddenly he was there…..”

This last preparation is on a collaged and textured surface, on AS Colourfix original paper which has now been covered with AS original soft umber pastel primer. I pushed the first application of pastel in with water and a brush, to create a more unified underpainting.  I have used blues, greens and reds.

Hopefully I will have time to create new pastel works on these prepared papers and show you the results!


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