Tuesday 7th March Bundaberg Workshop in Feb – Drawing

By   March 7, 2017

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Ten artists all ready to get down with charcoal! Great weekend with fabulous people, all of whom produced impressive works, particularly the black and white landscape drawings – hopefully they have been inspired to do more.

  1. Drawing with texture and wet charcoal on paper .

My demonstration work at the end of the workshop.

I completed the mid-ground trees; extended the middle field over to the left; worked on the foreground rocks and grasses  – see here a detail shot:

I added fence posts in the middle ground and finally, heightened the white light on the horizon.

Completed drawing on textured paper


  1. Same technique on canvas – small demo piece as completed in the workshop.

  1. Drawing on canvas.

My demonstration work at the end of the workshop.

I continued to work on the flowers with charcoal and white pastel, and also the lily pads. I used black and white Atelier Free Flow and a liner brush to finish them off. I used the side of a pink pastel to highlight the texture and connect the collaged fabric and tissue paper; and also used this pastel with water to subdue some white areas of canvas. Finally I added some blue and white splatters – signed and varnished.

Detail showing lines of fabric and tissue connected with pink pastel

Completed canvas “Hope”

2 Comments on “Tuesday 7th March Bundaberg Workshop in Feb – Drawing

  1. Tricia Reust Post author

    Many thanks for all the info here. And for another marvellous Workshop at Bundaberg. So much fun and a lot of mindful artistic learning that hopefully will permeate into my brain….both sides!
    A lovely group of likeminded people too. We shared a lot of different ideas in our particular choices of painting….and always good to help each other.
    Learning about the different use of charcoal and how I gently used my pastel for my Egret drawing blew me away. I have struggled often, to ‘see’ how to apply the darks and lights to properly describe the subject. Your own personal guidance and just watching you carefully….your deft strokes…or light touches…. helped me, in particular, to work out my own drawing. Now I have to practise ….but you have given me increased confidence in stroke/mark making. I still need to trust myself more!….but that is OK!
    All the best to you Tricia.
    Cheers R.

    Dear R,
    thank you for taking the time to write – and so generously. Do you think we could have an image of your egret to share? it was great to be there in Bundaberg with such a wonderful group – many thanks again, Tricia

  2. Ruth M

    Hi Tricia
    Been a bit busy but at last sending a copy of my Egret done in your Workshop in Bundaberg.

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