Wednesday 15th February 2017 Crow’s Nest Workshop

By   February 15, 2017

Wednesday 15th February 2017 – Crow’s Nest Workshop 11/12 Feb

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People never cease to amaze me at workshops. They are generous – particularly at the mixed media workshops with their collage supplies – and usually open to the new experience of mixed media and texture.

This Crow’s Nest mob were exceptional in that we worked in the town hall with a tin roof and no air conditioning, while the temperature was over 40 degrees this last weekend. No one lost their cool – emotionally I mean! – and everyone persisted with their creations in spite of the draining heat.

It is always hard for participants who are experiencing the mixed media process for the first time. Basically just doing what you are told and not understanding why – there is a lot of trust in applying the techniques as they are demonstrated, with no clear idea of the destination. I try to alleviate any trepidation by explaining that the idea of the workshop is to learn and experience the different techniques in order to then go ahead and select the ones that appeal, and use them in individual art practice.

I deeply appreciate people wanting to come along to my workshops, and their generous and accepting presence.

For those who attended this last weekend at Crow’s Nest, here are the two demonstration paintings after completion here at home:

Fiery Heart

The work at the close of the workshop:

I continued dry brushing with white across the sky; glazed with transparent yellow and then pthalo blue; put a wash of cerulean in the left hand top corner; continued dry brushing over the top of texture; and added the flying birds.

Completed “Fiery Heart”

Detail of collaged gecko

Detail of print from printing plate


Hot Scratch

The work at the close of the workshop:

I glazed geometric shapes with transparent yellow, pthalo blue and red gold; finished off the drawings of the shed and the chooks; and dry brushed the top of texture with bright red, turquoise and bright orange.

Completed “Hot Scratch”

Detail of completed chook drawings


I don’t think there is any mystery in how both works ended up with so much hot colour, considering the environment in which they were created. Thank you to the wonderful artists who made the Crow’s Nest weekend special.

One Comment on “Wednesday 15th February 2017 Crow’s Nest Workshop

  1. Tricia Reust Post author

    Hi Tricia

    I’d like to thank you very much for the wonderful weekend workshop last weekend.
    I know we all learnt alot.
    It was a shame we had to suffer through
    the heat. I found you so inspiring. I love your work. It’s the kinf of style I would love to practice.
    I 1st came in contact with mixed media when I studied at tafe. I fell in love with it then. I was unable to continue due to major drama”s in my life.
    I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it.
    You’ve shown me endless possibilities with the new products now available.
    You’ve opened my mind and I do think several of my fellow students. It’s a pity we ran out of time. (Through no fault of yours) Ido believe that we all would have got alot more done if it wasn’t for the weather.
    I know my concentration was way down.

    Everyone who’s seen what I’ve done, just love my 2 pieces..

    Your a very special lady and a great teacher. You explained things so well. You also have alot of patience.

    Congratulations on a very successful weekend.

    Keep in touch
    Dear S,
    thank you for these uplifting comments. It was great to meet you and now to know that you felt I assisted you in your mixed media creations. keep at it! Many thanks, Tricia

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