Wednesday 1st march 2017 Critique submission K

By   February 28, 2017

14/3/17 Dear K, thank you for sending in your reworked image – looks great and best wishes again for a successful exhibition, Tricia


Hi Tricia

Thinking about bringing the light in the sky closer to the roof Any thoughts or improvements Thanks for your help

I really appreciate your thoughts

Would you believe I put my name down for an exhibition in June this year but a friend needed to swap as he is going overseas , so my exhibition begins April 1st (Who’s the fool) lol. I’ve got 6 canvases sketched up and I’ve been busy out at early mornings looking for interesting light on Sandgate landmarks The work will be on display for 2 months at Bramble Place near Sandgate Library I went back to acrylics for the second one. I find the oils hard to move around ( too dry) Here’s my undercoat of the next one Cheers K

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  1. Tricia Reust Post author

    Dear K,
    so good to hear that you are preparing for an exhibition – good choice re acrylic rather than oil in view of the tight time line. Looks like they are on canvas – if wide-profile canvas, then you can treat the sides and save time and money on framing too.These works are so very different to what I last saw you creating – good on you for pursuing this direction! Obviously you are finding joy in the landscape right now, and wanting to express this visually.
    You are right in thinking of changing the skyline in the first work. What I think is bothering you, is that the light is too distracting on the right side of the horizon – glaze that down so the viewer is not drawn to that edge, and then heighten the white closer to the roof as you are thinking, to bring the viewer in closer to that focal point.
    Next, the edge of the blue and brown shapes on the boardwalk could be softened so that it is not such a definite separation. I know it is sharp in the photo, but feel that if you soften where the blue and brown meet, it will be a better passage for the viewer.
    Lastly, the right hand corner is being bisected by the dark line of the boardwalk – a no-no! Bisecting a corner creates a slippery dip which takes the viewer right out of the picture.
    Extend that lovely dark shape you already have there, to come up and over the blue board right on that corner.
    Your second work, where you show your initial laying in, is a great composition – and how strong to go with blue and its complementary orange.You are going to probably do this anyway, but my only suggestion at this stage is to lighten the sky at the horizon.
    So, you should probably stop reading this now and get going on finishing your work for the exhibition! Please let me know when it opens – would love to come along. Thank you for sharing your work – I really appreciate it.
    Best wishes for a successful exhibition,

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