Wednesday 22nd February 2017 painting submission from R

By   February 22, 2017

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Hi Tricia

I am looking forward to seeing you again, your special way of teaching, and your workshop – it just gels with me and love your honest to goodness approach, and love of teaching us sometimes struggling pupils!

I tried out something from your DVD, using a black gessoed panel with cling film over white gesso, and then I dry brushed the subject matter of “sheep in a field”.  The beautiful tangible textural background was marvellous!

I did a drawing first up in charcoal in my Sketch book.

I still need to think of glazing …….. over the white of the heads of the sheep ….. and also to dull down the brighter orange in the upper third; and I need to define my wee lamb a bit more!
It is from a Photo that several other artists had a go at with a variety of mediums and styles – created much fun and learning for us all.  (fb art group – all very encouraging people).


Cheers R

Dear R,

how wonderful to hear from you and see that you are enjoying the techniques from my video on texture. The white gesso on black surface is one of my favourites too. You have done a great job employing the resulting texture in with the landscape, and with the high lights on the sheep in particular – good on you! I agree that a subtle glaze over the background orange will help that area recede somewhat. I will put in here below, a painting I did with the same technique – it is an older work, but I still like it – I donated it to a charity for their raffle. I look forward to seeing you again at the workshop this weekend in Bundaberg. Thank you for sending me your image – I love seeing what artists are creating,



Water Lines Oil over textured gesso

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  1. Ruth M

    Thank you very much Tricia! I have enjoyed your DVD’s and find them very helpful indeed. Mixed Media has become a firm favourite of mine now. It is so versatile and enriching being able to incorporate such variety into a painting……looking forward to further expanding my knowledge in this Mixed Media workshop at Bundaberg……it is always fun and exciting…..and intriguing! I never quite know what you are going to come up with next. See you soon!
    Cheers R

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