Sunshine Coast QLD: Pastel EXPO

12th through to 16th September

Where: The Events Centre, Caloundra

Tricia will be presenting a workshop Sunday 16th Sept "Painting and Retrieving Papers for Pastel" (Art Spectrum has donated some of the art materials for this workshop); and will also present three demonstrations. On Friday 14th Sept "Pastel on Canvas" from 11am to 12.30pm; and on Saturday 15th Sept "How to Use Art Spectrum Pastel Primer" from 9am to 10.30am; and that same day "New Pastel over Old" from 11am to 12.30pm. Contacts through the above web site for  bookings.

Bundaberg : Mixed Media on Canvas

22nd and 23rd September

Where: TBA

Participants will colour over a collage and texture, then draw in their chosen media on this surface.on.